This website presents some of the projects I've designed and written software for, using the Pic microcontroller from Microchip and the Renesas H8S 3644/3687.

pSocs from Cypress and Xylinx FPGA's will feature shortly.

All the Pic projects are written in either;

Structured Basic  from XCSB or in 'C' using the FED Wiz-C compiler.

The Renesas and Cypress controllers  are programmed in 'C' using their respective compilers


Click on a project title that interests you.


Water meter and sprinkler controller - Published in Nuts & Volts Magazine March 2003.

Climate Controller                 - featuring the Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor.

General 7 Event  daily timer  - ideal beginners circuit and program. In XCSB

Multi Event timer                   - 14 event 7 day timer written in XCSB

RTC Time clock                     - using a Dallas 1904 iButton written in XCSB and 'C'

One wire library                    - for XCSB, and other utility code

Utility Code                           - binary to  5 decimal place  written in XCSB

Projects in the thinking or design stage.

Contactless current meter using an AMR sensor

SMS messaging compass.

Variable Windscreen Wiper with infinite delay times.

RFID activated cat flap


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