Advance Version Details.


The advance version as previously stated features, a multi day, multi event timer and battery back up capablilty.
As with the 'Lite' version, the output that services the event in progress LED, can have an output substituted and the LED then reverse wired across the relay coil. This alteration would be useful for operating security blinds at the front and back of a house from one event for example.
Again like the Lite version, the code is written in individual modules for ease of using the code or its idea easily in other projects. It should be noted that from a programming purists point of view, this code is not totally modular as it uses global variables, but for the purposes stated above it is modular enough.

Below are the links to the HTML version of the code, the zipped source code with extra coding comments is available from the download page.

The code was written using the JALcc IDE, which accounts for the XCB file endings.

The schematic diagram for this version is available in either Eagle 4.11 or AutotraxEDA format via email including the user manual in pdf format for 1.00 (A$3.00).
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