14 Event 7 Day Timer

Using XCSB Pro v1.6.0

Advanced version

The advanced version of this project, requires a PIC with 3K of program memory 16F873,876 etc, and requires the STANDARD or PROFESSIONAL version of XCSB to compile.

This version has the following features:

      • 7 Day, 14 Event Timer
      • Events are stored in EEPROM in case of power failure
      • Automatic battery backup facility

With this version an event day and time can be programmed. The event can be set for any day, example; one day can have 14 events, or 2 events per day can occur over a week.

This code is fully commented and shows a way to perform the equivalent of 'C' type structs in XCSB. View the code here

The uncompiled source code  maybe downloaded and freely used for non commercial purposes.

For commercial use a fee will be charged for the software. The code for this version allows for an external watchdog to be used .

The same PCB is used for the advanced and standard versions.

This page copyright Colin Barnard 2004