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One Wire Library 



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The one wire library consists of two files written completely in XCSB structured basic.

one_wire.bas - contains all the basic functions for communicating with  Dallas one wire devices.

		Functions contained in the above file
			Skip Rom command. 
			Reset command.
			Read a byte from one wire bus.
			Write a byte to one wire bus.
			Read a bit from one wire bus.

The use of this file is free for non commercial use. If you find the file useful, and feel the need to donate some money to the author, payments can be made via PayPal with the button on the left. 

one_wire_utils.bas - contains advanced functions for the Dallas one wire devices.

		Advanced functions in the utils library file
			Read Rom (Receives the one wire serial number from a device).
			Matchrom (Pic ram based serial number specific device address).
			Matchrom (Pic rom based serial number specific device address).
			Search Rom (default search of 8 devices can be altered by the user).
			Find Family **
			CRC 8 check (Uses no look up tables).
			CRC 16  **
			Strong Pull Up (For high current devices or long tranmission lines)

The one_wire_utils library file is available by email only, for the nominal amount of 10.00. There are no restrictions on its use thereafter. 

** Future function, will be emailed automatically to purchasers when finalised

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